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 Facts & Figures


Each year, in order to provide Christmas Lights in Faversham town centre we require:

Almost two miles of electrical cable



Over thirty individual illuminated




Approximately three thousand coloured

light bulbs



At least thirty five Kilowatts of

electricity to make it all work



A Lorry load of Christmas tree's


Over one thousand and fifty man-hours

to erect & dismantle the display

And, most important of all

The continued support of the community of Faversham




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Environmental Statement

Faversham Community Christmas Lights is committed to ensuring that its operations take into account the possible impacts on the environment

It will work towards:

  • Ensuring that all relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulation is applied

  • Operating in an environmentally sensitive manner

  • Purchasing environmentally friendly materials when appropriate

  • Raising the awareness of volunteers so that everyone may be involved

  • Reducing Energy Usage by increased Energy Efficiency

  • Re-Using or Recycling Waste when possible

  • Using raw materials in a manner that reduces waste

It will aim for Continuous Improvement.


Our environmental policy is evident in the practical steps we take to reduce our environmental impact, for example;

  • We install lower energy products where it is practical to do so, all our newer features use low energy lighting products.
  • We sourcing materials locally wherever possible to reduce delivery miles, including our Christmas trees which come from a sustainable local supply and absorb CO2 while they are growing.
  • In January we take our recyclable waste such as cardboard, glass (and of course the trees) for recycling at a local facility
  • We use time switches to control when the display is turned on, ensuring electricity is not used unnecessarily.
  • The main fork-lift used for erecting the display is gas powered so produces fewer particulates and nitrogen oxide than diesel.
  • Minutes and other communications to committee members are sent by email, rather than on paper.



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