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Our volunteers constructing the annual display

You have to have a head for heights to do this job

Does anyone know

where this bit goes?

Everything has to be

just right.

Constructing the


A rare blue sky

This volunteer is 'nesting'

Herding the Icelandic Reindeer into position

The switch-on ceremony

Preparing the stage for


Our stall helps to raise the much needed funds

Entertainment is provided throughout the day

Plenty of fun for


There's always a big crowd for the count down

It's snowing!

Special displays from previous years

Special feature to mark the Millennium

Market place in white light for year 2000

Marking our 20th display

Another milestone,

the 21st display

25 displays and still going strong!

Faversham's most famous landmark lit in 'silver'

If you think these look good, come to Faversham and see them for real!

Entering the town from Court Street

Each year a carol service is held near the crib

The stunning centre piece in the Market Place

An angel looks over the town

Lights are complemented by  narrow streets & historic buildings

Another majestic display

The Alexander Centre in Preston Street

A pigeons eye view of the centre display

Who's that climbing up the Guildhall?

See if you can find where this chap is sitting

View into West Street from the Market Place

The lights stretch all the way to the top of Preston Street


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